Beaver Express Company Profile

As the premier small package express and LTL motor freight carrier in our region, we look forward to serving your transportation needs in: Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and New Mexico 

Over 2,300 Direct Points

We provide dependable daily service to over 2,300 points that we serve direct in a six-state area.  From the largest cities to the smallest towns (Slapout, OK has a population of 12), we serve them each day.You can count on us for the best service in this area!

23 Service Centers

We have twenty-three strategically located Service Centers that are key to providing dependable pick-up and delivery service to our area.

Over 145 Contractors

We have over 145 Independent Contractors that provide local service in most of the smaller towns we serve. They are typically small business owners that help us provide excellent local service to our customers.

Express Shipments

With our network of independent contractors, service centers and scheduled line-haul runs, we can provide you with overnight, early morning package express delivery to all points daily, regardless of volume.

Our express rates are economical, and our service is dependable!

LTL Freight

In addition to package express service, we also provide next day service on LTL freight shipments moving within our service areas.  Our service is daily, not just when a trailer is full, like some of our competition….

Nationwide LTL Service

We responded to the need for quality LTL freight service by arranging carrier partnerships with regional and nationwide motor freight carriers. Through our service centers in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Amarillo, Dallas, Kansas City & Wichita, we provide dependable daily LTL freight service to and from points across the United States!

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