The Shevell Group, NEMF and Eastern Freightways Honors 2016 Award Recipients

The company is proud to announce its Annual Award winners. Each and every day we have thousands of great people who work to insure our success and each year we take the time to recognize a few individuals who went above and beyond in performing their duties.

The following is the list of outstanding workers who were recognized from the Shevell Group of Companies.

Ronald Sedlak in our cargo claims department has been honored as the 2016 winner of the Arlene Shevell Award. This award is given annually to the worker who exemplifies the highest level of dedication and contribution within the Shevell Group. Ron has been a loyal member of the team since December of 2000.

The 2016 winner of the Mark Jensen Award is Frank Sessa from our Information Technology team. This award is presented annually to the worker who demonstrates administrative and management excellence. Frank will celebrate 17 years with the company this month.


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