JSJ Service – Terminal Change in Jakarta

We would like to inform you about a terminal change for the Jakarta call on the Japan – Singapore – Jakarta Service (JSJ).

  • Last vessel calling at Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT):
    Budapest Bridge V.044S/044N, ETA Jakarta on November 25, 2016
  • First vessel calling at PT. New Priok Container Terminal One (NPCT1):
    NYK Fuji V. 048S/048N, ETA Jakarta on December 2, 2016

The berth window at Jakarta will remain unchanged as Friday 23:00 hrs to Monday 01:00 hrs.

Please find the service details of the new NPCT1 terminals:

  • Address: PT. New Priok Container Terminal One
    Jl. Terminal Kalibaru Raya Kav. B No. 1,
    Kalibaru, Cilincing,
    Jakarta Utara 14110
  • Open Stacking for exports: Wednesday at 01:00 hrs
  • CY Closing time for exports: Saturday at 23:00 hrs
  • Doc cut-off (to Japan): Thursday at 15:00 hrs
  • Doc cut-off (all others): Friday at 15:00 hrs

As per requirement of all terminals in Indonesia, please register your company with NPCT1 by using the enclosed form. Once this is filled, please send the form to: [email protected]

Read more at www.hapag-lloyd.com

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