Hermes prioritises innovation by launching specialist lab

Hermes, the consumer delivery specialist, has launched a dedicated Innovation Lab in the centre of Leeds to develop world-class delivery solutions. The company will create a range of forward-thinking services and build prototypes of products that will change the delivery landscape. Initial projects being worked upon include self-tracking parcels, intelligent delivery using location-based services and new tracking experiences using bots and digital personal assistants.

A key objective of the Innovation Lab will be to explore emerging technologies and to investigate how Hermes can integrate its technology with the market-leading smart devices currently being launched by technology giants such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, and powered by digital assistant such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana.

Hermes will also proactively seek to collaborate with the UK’s leading universities to share ideas and provide inspiration, whilst offering the next generation of engineers the chance to utilise the Innovation Lab and its facilities.


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