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JSJ Service – Terminal Change in Jakarta

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We would like to inform you about a terminal change for the Jakarta call on the Japan – Singapore – Jakarta Service (JSJ).

  • Last vessel calling at Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT):
    Budapest Bridge V.044S/044N, ETA Jakarta on November 25, 2016
  • First vessel calling at PT. New Priok Container Terminal One (NPCT1):
    NYK Fuji V. 048S/048N, ETA Jakarta on December 2, 2016

The berth window at Jakarta will remain unchanged as Friday 23:00 hrs to Monday 01:00 hrs.

Please find the service details of the new NPCT1 terminals:

  • Address: PT. New Priok Container Terminal One
    Jl. Terminal Kalibaru Raya Kav. B No. 1,
    Kalibaru, Cilincing,
    Jakarta Utara 14110
  • Open Stacking for exports: Wednesday at 01:00 hrs
  • CY Closing time for exports: Saturday at 23:00 hrs
  • Doc cut-off (to Japan): Thursday at 15:00 hrs
  • Doc cut-off (all others): Friday at 15:00 hrs

As per requirement of all terminals in Indonesia, please register your company with NPCT1 by using the enclosed form. Once this is filled, please send the form to: billingteam@npct1.co.id

Read more at www.hapag-lloyd.com

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Estes Salutes America’s Professional Truck Drivers If You Got It…A Truck Brought It!

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October 24, 2016 – That decades-old industry saying is still true today—trucking is literally the engine that keeps America moving. And what can’t be overlooked are the 3.4 million professionals who drive those trucks along our nation’s roadways. The role they play in our economy is absolutely vital. In 2015 alone, they delivered nearly 10 billion tons of freight.

Estes Express Lines has long recognized the importance of the behind-the-wheel professionals who keep all of that product moving. The company’s 85-year success wouldn’t have been possible without a strong team of drivers—along with thousands of dockworkers, mechanics and other personnel who provide critical support across a nationwide network of more than 215 terminals.

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Fontana Construction Continues For Daylight Transport

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Daylight Transport, the leading expedited LTL provider in the United States, continues construction on a state of the art cross-dock facility in Fontana, CA. The facility, due to be completed and operational during the first half of 2017, is expected to be among the most environmentally conscious trucking facilities in the United States. The service center will be outfitted with solar panels responsible for powering everything from the office to the forklifts and yard tractors with a goal of complete sustainability.

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