Transport Canada – New Requirements for Cargo Loaded on Passenger Aircrafts Known Consignors and Account Consignors

2016-10-05, Transport Canada has announced that regulatory changes to the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations 2012 will be effective 17 October 2016. These changes include enhancements to the Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program including two new participant categories for shippers (Known or Account Consignor) and new requirements for cargo moving on passenger aircrafts.

Under the Air Cargo Security Program, existing Registered Shippers with updated Air Cargo Security (ACS) files will be automatically transitioned to Account Consignor status. Air cargo originated by an Account Consignor will be subject to screening to make it secure prior to onboarding onto an aircraft.

Starting 17 October 2016, shippers in Canada may also apply for Known Consignor status. Air cargo originated by a Known Consignor may be treated as secure if the chain of custody is maintained and may be on-boarded onto an aircraft without additional screening measures.


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