Canada Post 60-Day Strike Mandate Set to Expire

Negotiations between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) continue; however, a resolution is not near. Over the next ten days, activity from the union is expected as they attempt to address the expiration of their strike mandate.

The union’s 60-day strike mandate, based on a vote by their membership earlier this year, is set to expire on August 25, 2016. This timeline is set in the Canada Labor Code. Rather than secure the renewed support of their members through a vote, the union is looking at other ways to extend their strike mandate.

Based on options available to CUPW, a 72-hour strike notice can be issued by the union between now and August 25. This DOES NOT necessarily mean that there will be full-scale work disruption associated with the notice, as in a recent bulletin the union reiterated that they do not want to go on strike.

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