A. Duie Pyle reaps big return on in-vest-ment

August 3, 2016, by DC Velocity Staff – Neon safety vests are a common sight at crosswalks and construction zones, where they’re used to improve visibility and avoid collisions. But a transportation and logistics company has discovered that their benefits go far beyond that.

In April 2015, trucking company A. Duie Pyle began requiring employees to wear safety vests at all times. Across the carrier’s 22 cross-docking freight terminals throughout the Northeast, drivers and dock workers donned lime green vests while their supervisors pulled on orange versions.

As expected, the company quickly saw a reduction in overall injuries, but statistics revealed a surprising trend. Not only did the move reduce the number of injuries involving vehicles, but it also reduced injuries and mistakes across the spectrum—from simple driving errors to forgetting to wear work gloves.

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