Aramex Launches a New Smartphone App

Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, has officially launched its new smartphone app to UAE customers. The app will ultimately be available for Aramex customers across all markets the company operates in.

Customers in the UAE can now use the new app to easily track and manage their shipments. The app offers six unique features making the overall customer service experience quicker, easier and more enjoyable.This includes phone tracking, package visibility, in-app payment, delivery scheduling, live tracking and a courier rating system to asses overall satisfaction. The use of the new Aramex app gives customers more power and control over paying for, tracking and receiving shipments, with instant access to updates available on their smartphones. All Aramex customers need to do is download the free app on their smartphones, create an account by entering their mobile number and shipping address. Once set up, their information will be automatically populated and stored.


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