R+L Carriers and Lima Company Memorial gathered in Lafayette

Wilmington, Ohio 5/24/2016 – On Wednesday, May 18, R+L Carriers and Lima Company Memorial gathered in Lafayette, Indiana for the unveiling of the new Lima Company Memorial hauler. The new hauler, initiated by R+L Carriers as a commissioned project, evolved into something much bigger; a generous donation from Wabash National Corporation and 26 additional vendors.
About the Lima Company Memorial: The Lima Company Memorial, the Eyes of Freedom, started with a vision of artist and creator Anita Miller. With the help of the family members of the fallen and the returned Marines of L3/25, she created 23 life-size murals, depicting the fallen of Lima 3/25. The Eyes of Freedom is now a traveling memorial that rallies the public around one common theme, saluting our great military who sacrifice with their commitment.

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