C.H. Robinson Announces Relocation of its European Headquarters

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS (May 2, 2016) – C.H. Robinson Europe B.V. announced today the location of the new European Headquarters and Transportation office in Amsterdam, to Teleportboulevard 120. Since the move of the C.H. Robinson Europe headquarters from Antwerp to Amsterdam in 2010, the company has invested in the expansion of its corporate operational teams.

“One of the largest obstacles preventing innovation in our industry is a talent shortage, so we have deliberately chosen to relocate into a new up and coming area of Amsterdam, where we are surrounded by young talent from surrounding schools, and start-up companies.” says Jeroen Eijsink, President of Europe for C.H. Robinson.

The relocation does more than allow C.H. Robinson to take advantage of Amsterdam’s strong international talent pool. The new office space is also custom designed to reflect the look and feel of a start-up company to strategically attract new talent. The largest part of the company’s European growth has taken place over the past four years as the company solidified their strategy and accelerated their development.

C.H. Robinson currently has 43 affiliate offices across Europe.

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