C.H. Robinson’s TMC Division Offers Mission Produce a Scalable Supply Chain Solution

CHICAGO, IL (June 5, 2015) Mission Produce has chosen TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson, to help better manage their complex supply chain, citing TMC’s best-in class global technology and significant experience managing food and beverage supply chains, including other leading produce companies.

As the largest avocado company in the world, Mission Produce has responded to increasing consumer demand by expanding fields and growing regions to provide more avocados year round. With a bright future, fueled by double digit growth over the past several years, Mission Produce needed a transportation management system (TMS) provider with extensive experience in managing global supply chains.

“Mission Produce was looking for a provider who could give them better visibility into their supply chain, end to end, and in real time,” said Duff Davidson, vice president of managed services at TMC. “Things such as better reporting, increased carrier satisfaction, route optimization, and a tool that helps with spot bidding—TMC’s global TMS, Navisphere®, has these capabilities and more.”

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