PITT OHIO Celebrates Earth Day by Promoting a more Sustainable and Green Approach

Company Releases Annual Sustainability Report, Launches Carbon Calculator and Opens LEED Certified Terminal

Pittsburgh, PA (April 17th, 2015) – PITT OHIO, a transportation and logistics company in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest, has long been committed to protecting and promoting a greener approach that nurtures the 3 P’s – “People, Planet & Profit.” The company is focused on lowering its environmental impact, finding efficient transportation solutions for its customers, being a good corporate and community citizen, and supporting its employees.

“We continue to improve the environmental sustainability of our services across all aspects of our business,” said Chuck Hammel, President of PITT OHIO. “Our sustainability goals are to continue to create value with our customers while conserving resources, protecting the environment, and improving social conditions.”

Sustainability Report

PITT OHIO released its 3rd annual Sustainability Report detailing the company’s progress in creating social, environmental and economic value in 2014. The Sustainabilty Report highlights the critical milestones achieved in 2014 including better-quality MPG performance and a reduction in electricity usage and carbon output. “We understand the impact our trucks have on the environment, the economy and our communities and we are committed to making the appropriate investments needed to improving our MPG performance,” commented Denny Martin, Director of Vehicle Maintenance. “In 2014, we saw positive results from the 9 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles we introduced into our fleet. CNG vehicles are said to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions by up to 20%.”

PITT OHIO’s goal is to handle each shipment more efficiently. In 2014, PITT OHIO’s carbon per shipment went down another 1.4% due to reduced electricity usage and improved MPG. Chief Marketing Officer, Geoff Muessig said, “This marks 3 years in a row that we’ve documented an improvement in our carbon output. We are reducing the environmental footprint of our service while still delivering the quality and performance people expect from PITT OHIO.”

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