KWE-Kintetsu World Express Open of Massive Warehouse (65,800 ㎡) in Singapore

We are pleased to announce that KWE-Kintetsu World Express (S) Pte Ltd opened a new warehouse in the Jurong West area of western Singapore in January of 2014 (as released in Jul 11, 2012).

The warehouse has four floors totaling 65,800 ㎡, one of the largest spaces used among the warehouses run by the KWE Group. Situated in a convenient location with good access to an expressway, the new warehouse has an air-conditioned space of approx. 7,500 ㎡ with each of its floors equipped with unloading docks totaling 24, respectively. The main categories of items handled by the warehouse are high value-added products such as electronic hardware and components as well as semiconductors and medical-related items.

In recent years, companies in Singapore have shown a growing need to establish an Asian region logistics hub in the country. In addition to providing logistics services by utilizing the newly-opened warehouse,we will continue to deliver one-stop services based on a combination of air, sea and cross-border trucking services in ways that meet such customers’ needs.

Name KWE Singapore Logistics Center
Business description Storage, distributive processing , etc.
Address 7 Wenya Street, Singapore 648180
Telephone +65-6790-2920
FAX +65-6790-2926
Number of employees 56
Total floor space 65,800 ㎡
Start of operation Jan 1, 2014

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