DACHSER has expanded its worldwide contract logistics network – with new projects and facilities in places such as China, Germany, the Iberian Peninsula, France, and Spain. The network-compatible solutions are based on global standards that are precisely tailored to the requirements of local customers with the help of local expertise.

This year, DACHSER expanded the existing multi-user warehouse in the Swedish community of Jönköping into a distribution center for Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. The site serves several customers and stores 10,000 items on 6,000 pallet spaces and over 10,000 floor storage spaces. A contract logistics solution for the office furniture industry in France is also new: In Savigny-Sur-Clairis a 30,000 square meter central warehouse has opened its doors for office furniture in France. It offers room for a total of about 35,000 pallets or furniture containers (Corlettes). Jobs range from commissioning to labeling, to handling full truckloads and less than truckloads, to cross docking.

Azkar, the new Spanish member of the DACHSER family, operates a total of 27 warehouses in Spain and Portugal, with 200,000 square meters of warehouse space and sophisticated warehouse technology, such as pick-by-light, sorter technology and automatic high bay storage. In Wuhu near Shanghai, DACHSER has assumed the management of an automobile supplier’s consignment warehouse, which is operated in three shifts. In this location, about 11,000 raw material items are transshipped for 80 suppliers in a total of 9,000 pallet spaces. DACHSER has taken over the processing of orders for 55 suppliers and is supplying the plant using the Kanban system. The production area is directly supplied via shuttles. DACHSER is expanding its contract logistics network in Germany as well. This year, new warehouses have been commissioned in Dortmund, Langenau (food), and Überherrn (hazardous materials), among other places.

Five million delivery orders a year

“The internationalization of contract logistics necessitates globally operating structures and consistent systems and standards – in consultation, training, knowledge management, and especially in information technology,” explains Wolfgang Reinel, manager of the Logistics Consulting Division at DACHSER. “Today, with Mikado, our self-developed warehouse management system, we are already processing more than five million delivery orders and 30 million items per year throughout the world.” Mikado is available in 13 language versions and is integrated with the Domino and Othello transport management systems, which were also developed in-house. “This makes it possible to have seamless transport and contract logistics services.”

Completely integrated on an international level

The result is customized fulfillment logistics, which allows companies to completely outsource the management of their items. “With our approach, which offers completely integrated contract logistics services on an international level, customers can focus their entire attention on their core business. In the final analysis, this is what is essential in order to continue competing successfully. “In the meantime, efficient, extremely precise supply chain management and distribution logistics are crucially important for the success of many companies. Successful contract logistics can be identified by the fact that it ‘quietly’ manages the logistics processes in the background,” Wolfgang Reinel notes in conclusion.

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