IAG Cargo announces next-generation aircraft routes for 2014


IAG Cargo has unveiled new routes for its next-generation aircraft; the B787 and A380. The aircraft, which are being delivered to British Airways, will be deployed across a number of key routes in the IAG Cargo network throughout 2014, offering increased cargo capacity for customers as well as specialist features for the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.

The B787 will launch from four locations on IAG Cargo’s global network, with the first flight leaving Hyderabad on 30th March. After this initial route, the aircraft will service Chengdu starting on 5th May, followed by flights leaving Philadelphia from 5th June and Calgary from 5th July. In addition, the A380 will begin its service to Washington from 1st September 2014 and is set to start services to Johannesburg in February 2014.

Steve Gunning, Managing Director at IAG Cargo commented: “Today’s announcement highlights IAG Cargo’s long-term commitment to investing in the future of our fleet and cargo business. Our new capabilities, combined with our extensive global network, firmly positions IAG Cargo as a cargo business of the future. For our customers, this will mean even greater reliability for cargo capacity when transporting goods, as well as ensuring the efficient delivery of highly specialised shipments across the globe.”

Both aircraft are well-suited to the transport of highly sensitive goods; such as pharmaceuticals and perishables. The B787, equipped with specified air conditioning capabilities in the hold, will prove beneficial to customers in the pharmaceutical manufacturing hubs of Hyderabad and Chengdu; ensuring stable conditions to export temperature sensitive goods from these regions. In addition, particularly with high volumes of electronics leaving Chengdu, the B787 aircraft also offers increased cargo capacity for shippers.

The A380 similarly offers a specialised service on-board flights; being enabled with air conditioning in the forward hold and heating and ventilation in the rear hold. The modernisation of IAG Cargo’s fleet will enable a set and maintained hold temperature to within 1C accuracy, further ensuring the safe delivery of some of the world’s most precious and sensitive cargo.

To demonstrate the significant benefits that customers will gain over the coming years from the introduction of next-generation aircraft, IAG Cargo has released a film focusing on the features of the aircraft most relevant to the cargo industry. This can be viewed on the IAG Cargo YouTube channel; http://youtu.be/gqh0lX0eEis

The deployment of these aircraft marks IAG’s on-going fleet modernisation programme. The fleet renewal plan will ensure that IAG Cargo has the capacity to meet cargo demand across the network for years to come.

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