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About The Professional Couriers

With the rapid strides in technology and telecommunication, the world has shrunk to such an extent that what was unheard of or incommunicado has become possible. However technological advancements without effective backing ends, infrastructure, leave a wide gap in effective communication.

Incepted in the year 1987 with a sole mission of catering effective written messages, documents and cargo “The Professional Couriers” (TPC) have reached the pinnacle of being a truly professional courier company, having today the infrastructure for bulk cargo both nationally and internationally, with a strong work force and a network of offices spread globally.

TPC have come a long way in providing total solutions for a broad spectrum from individuals to leading Public Sector Undertakings, Government Bodies, Corporates, MNCs, Educational and Financial Institutions .

The real attribute to the success of TPC is its willingness to upgrade the systems with changing times and also to incorporate fresh and innovative ideas to make its presence felt.

At Professional the sophisticated Hub-and-spoke system with ware housing and storage facilities, modern communication network and large fleet of transportation vehicles backed by dedicated team of professionals truly proves that their claim “We care…. for your valuables” is the quintessence of their business philosophy.


The beginning : 1986 – A year of glory for the Directors of this company because it was the year in which they were united and ventured in to Courier Business.

The Professional Couriers (TPC) was incorporated on 1st November 1987. The founders were young, qualified and could have sought employment anywhere. But they were made of different stuff. They decided that they should build their own fortunes with their own hand and had visions of creating an organization, which could provide employment to thousands of youngsters, like them but perhaps with lesser chances of being winners in the rat race. This is a daring venture indeed, but they jumped headlong into it. Thus was born TPC with a purpose.

The Octo Professionals : The eight Directors of this company had a high ideology of excellence in service and employment creation for the young and ambitious, thus a company was born with an ideology of Rural Employment & Rural Empowerment. In its infant stages TPC was nurtured with tender care by them. This involved a great sacrifice choosing a road full of obstacles while one with clear passage, routine though was gaping at them, tempting them to take. Those were also the days when the concept of courier was pretty vague. Therefore they had to pioneer a path for their organization – TPC and impart to it a culture of its own with an accent on ethics and excellence.

TPC gives employment to thousands of people. It has turned hundreds of ambitious aspiring youngsters to be the proud Managers of an elite company. Much more, it is today a Courier organization which is being looked upon by the others as a role model of what a courier should be.

Today TPC in India has 20 Regional Offices, over 2485 Offices, over 5000 Collection Centers and easily well over 25,000 destinations, where delivery is possible, by far, the biggest Courier Network in India. Its organization paved the way for a reliable and an economically affordable express courier service which was considered a luxury in India prior to it’s incorporation. THE PROFESSIONAL COURIERS was founded in 1987 by

  • Mr. P.M.Abraham
  • Mr. S Ahamed Meeran
  • Mr. Oommen C. Chacko
  • Late. Mrs. V.Padmavathi
  • Mr. Ronny George
  • Mr. Sumit Batabyal
  • Mr. Suresh Bharathan
  • Mr. Thomas John

In its ambition to grow from strength to strength, it has launched in 1999, it’s International Subsidiary Company M/s The Professional International Couriers Pvt.Ltd. and had opened its International Hub Operations at Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai. Its Business Associates in Dubai & Singapore catered to its services in 230 Countries.

2007, the Group had formed a company M/s.The Professional Couriers Network Ltd. (PCNL) to consolidate its Operations base in entire North/West/East and Central India and the same had focused on strengthening its Network of Franchisees and its own offices, with its Corporate Office at New Delhi, India.

2009 was a daring year for the Group in forming separate Companies namely, M/s The Professional Couriers USA Inc., Newyork/USA, Professional Couriers LLC., Dubai/UAE, Professional Couriers Pte Ltd., Singapore and established there its own Offices and Operations.

As part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities, it has found a Charitable Trust in the year 2009 M/s.The Professional Couriers Charitable Trust (Regd) with its Head Office at Mumbai, India

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