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Seamless Transitions: Are They Possible?

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Large organizations are often reticent to switch service providers because of the short-term ramifications of transitioning business to someone new. These are five important considerations for importers and shippers to keep in mind when the time is right to transition your logistics and compliance programs to a customer-service focused and highly experienced service provider.

“We were recently awarded business that had been handled by another service provider for more than fifteen years. There were procedures and other important information filed in various places that were unorganized and certainly not optimized. Following the steps in a formal transition process allowed for a streamlined and centralized program developed in partnership with the customer. The customer expressed how pleased they were with the knowledge and information that they subsequently gained by walking through the transition process step by step with Expeditors. This also significantly improved their overall compliance in record and data retention.”

 It goes without saying that a bad transition can significantly impact your end customer, your revenue, and your supply chain. Today’s supply chains are so complex that any disruption can create a ripple effect upsetting the balance between providing your goods to your customers on time and completely missing the upcoming product launch. We understand that the risk is high.

If you carefully consider these five elements, we think you’ll find a much smoother transition ahead of you.

1. Transparency

From the time business is awarded; there should be a high level of transparency between both organizations. Transitions are a team effort, and expectations must be communicated between groups. You know your business better than anyone; but you must be willing to share your vision and goals so the partnership can succeed.

2. Resources

Unlike some transactions, dedicated resources are important for successful transitions. Those resources should likely come from the service provider, so they can engage the right operational subject matter experts, IT analysts, and management support. Tasking one person with shepherding the project through to completion ensures the oversight necessary to stay on track with targeted dates and milestones.

3. Mapping

Professional transition managers are uniquely equipped to develop comprehensive project plans based on the identified key performance indicators, scope of systems integration, and process mapping. Clearly defining operational processes from the beginning will simplify the overall project and will ensure there is no disruption to your business when switching service providers.

4. Communication

Every project should start with a “kickoff call” or meeting to ensure the scope of business is aligned with your expectations. Regular weekly conference calls with internal and external stakeholders will make it easier to stick with the project plan.

5. Measurement

A smooth transition will include timelines and milestones that are clear and measurable. Your business objectives should be the focal point of the process, with regular reviews to keep everyone on target to achieve the results you expect.

Expeditors has developed a successful global transition and implementation process using experienced professionals who are responsible for providing an accurate assessment of what business is secured, what transition elements exist and what measurements should be applied to accomplish a global, seamless transition to our Account Management Program.

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2013 Executive Excellence Awards (CEOs): Peter Rose

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SeattleBusinessPeter Rose was recognized by Seattle Business for his secret to success which helped grow Expeditors into a global transportation logistics giant. Rose’s formula was simple and transparent: Create a well-defined corporate culture, provide a good employee incentive package, avoid debt, invest in technology that boosts productivity, and pursue long-term profits over short term gains.

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APC Overnight made an extra special delivery earlier this month when it presented a local children’s hospice with a cheque for £5,000.

Tara Barnes, Head of Sales and Marketing, gave the cheque to Sally Insley, Community Fundraising Manager for Acorns in the Black Country at its Walstead Road hospice.

The money was raised during APC Overnight’s recent all depot meeting, which saw representatives from the company’s 115 depots throughout the UK and Ireland visiting the Midlands to find out more about its new state-of-the-art national sortation centre in Cannock Staffordshire.

The £5,000 will be used to help provide palliative care to the 2,000 plus children in the region living with life limiting or threatening conditions, and support for their families.

Speaking about the donation Sally said:“We’ve been working with APC Overnight for a number of years now and they have so far raised in excess of £14,000. We rely largely on voluntary income to keep our hospices running, so when local companies like APC Overnight decide to partner with us it makes a huge difference.

“We’d like to thank APC Overnight and all of its depots across the UK and Ireland who made this donation possible..

Tara said: “Acorns does fantastic work for children and families throughout the Black Country and we’re proud to have them as our charity partner. We’re looking forward to raising even more money for the hospice in the future.. 

To Find out more about Acorns, please visit www.acorns.org.uk

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Resource: http://www.apc-overnight.com/news.php

Company Proflie – The Professional Couriers

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About The Professional Couriers

With the rapid strides in technology and telecommunication, the world has shrunk to such an extent that what was unheard of or incommunicado has become possible. However technological advancements without effective backing ends, infrastructure, leave a wide gap in effective communication.

Incepted in the year 1987 with a sole mission of catering effective written messages, documents and cargo “The Professional Couriers” (TPC) have reached the pinnacle of being a truly professional courier company, having today the infrastructure for bulk cargo both nationally and internationally, with a strong work force and a network of offices spread globally.

TPC have come a long way in providing total solutions for a broad spectrum from individuals to leading Public Sector Undertakings, Government Bodies, Corporates, MNCs, Educational and Financial Institutions .

The real attribute to the success of TPC is its willingness to upgrade the systems with changing times and also to incorporate fresh and innovative ideas to make its presence felt.

At Professional the sophisticated Hub-and-spoke system with ware housing and storage facilities, modern communication network and large fleet of transportation vehicles backed by dedicated team of professionals truly proves that their claim “We care…. for your valuables” is the quintessence of their business philosophy.


The beginning : 1986 – A year of glory for the Directors of this company because it was the year in which they were united and ventured in to Courier Business.

The Professional Couriers (TPC) was incorporated on 1st November 1987. The founders were young, qualified and could have sought employment anywhere. But they were made of different stuff. They decided that they should build their own fortunes with their own hand and had visions of creating an organization, which could provide employment to thousands of youngsters, like them but perhaps with lesser chances of being winners in the rat race. This is a daring venture indeed, but they jumped headlong into it. Thus was born TPC with a purpose.

The Octo Professionals : The eight Directors of this company had a high ideology of excellence in service and employment creation for the young and ambitious, thus a company was born with an ideology of Rural Employment & Rural Empowerment. In its infant stages TPC was nurtured with tender care by them. This involved a great sacrifice choosing a road full of obstacles while one with clear passage, routine though was gaping at them, tempting them to take. Those were also the days when the concept of courier was pretty vague. Therefore they had to pioneer a path for their organization – TPC and impart to it a culture of its own with an accent on ethics and excellence.

TPC gives employment to thousands of people. It has turned hundreds of ambitious aspiring youngsters to be the proud Managers of an elite company. Much more, it is today a Courier organization which is being looked upon by the others as a role model of what a courier should be.

Today TPC in India has 20 Regional Offices, over 2485 Offices, over 5000 Collection Centers and easily well over 25,000 destinations, where delivery is possible, by far, the biggest Courier Network in India. Its organization paved the way for a reliable and an economically affordable express courier service which was considered a luxury in India prior to it’s incorporation. THE PROFESSIONAL COURIERS was founded in 1987 by

  • Mr. P.M.Abraham
  • Mr. S Ahamed Meeran
  • Mr. Oommen C. Chacko
  • Late. Mrs. V.Padmavathi
  • Mr. Ronny George
  • Mr. Sumit Batabyal
  • Mr. Suresh Bharathan
  • Mr. Thomas John

In its ambition to grow from strength to strength, it has launched in 1999, it’s International Subsidiary Company M/s The Professional International Couriers Pvt.Ltd. and had opened its International Hub Operations at Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai. Its Business Associates in Dubai & Singapore catered to its services in 230 Countries.

2007, the Group had formed a company M/s.The Professional Couriers Network Ltd. (PCNL) to consolidate its Operations base in entire North/West/East and Central India and the same had focused on strengthening its Network of Franchisees and its own offices, with its Corporate Office at New Delhi, India.

2009 was a daring year for the Group in forming separate Companies namely, M/s The Professional Couriers USA Inc., Newyork/USA, Professional Couriers LLC., Dubai/UAE, Professional Couriers Pte Ltd., Singapore and established there its own Offices and Operations.

As part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities, it has found a Charitable Trust in the year 2009 M/s.The Professional Couriers Charitable Trust (Regd) with its Head Office at Mumbai, India

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INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY…world class service

Wherever in the world you need delivery, APC Overnight can take care of it for you. Our international network extends throughout Europe, the United States, Australia and beyond – with everything booked via your local APC depot. You’ll benefit from dealing with people you know – and it’s convenient too, as your internationals can be collected along with your UK overnights.

Most time-sensitive international shipments travel by air – but we will always calculate the quickest, safest and most economical method for your particular requirements. For some European destinations, road transportation works out quicker – and our experienced team can offer you the options. You can benefit too from our knowledge of rules and regs for particular countries – just ask your local depot for help!

If you’ve already got an account with an APC Overnight depot, you can start sending international shipments right away. Call your local APC depot for current tariffs and advice.

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DELIVERY TO EUROPE…by air or by road

For consigments to Europe we can offer you a range of options to suit your delivery schedule and the location of your recipient. The most urgent parcels will of course be sent via our International Air services, but for larger or less time-sensitive deliveries the APC EuroConnect road service will fit the bill. The service is a partnership between APC Overnight and Geodis Calberson – one of the biggest operators into Europe – giving us unrivalled reach and reliability.

  • Economical and reliable service
  • Established, tried-and-tested network offers you excellent reach into Europe
  • Two-day door-to-door delivery to key European cities including Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin
  • We can offer you later cut-off times because European traffic can be collected along with your regular UK overnights
  • Up to 50 kilos per item
  • Multi-part or single parcel consignments
  • Local UK service, Europe-wide delivery network
  • Book via your regular APC Overnight account
  • APC EuroConnect parcels will be taken care of by your local APC Overnight depot
  • Book all your delivery requirements together – UK, European and International

APC EuroConnect

Our road service to Europe offers you reliable economical delivery for heavier or less time-sensitive consignments. Just roll over the map to see the services available to each region.

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DELIVERY TO IRELAND…by air or by road

Now you can send goods to Ireland via APC Overnight’s dedicated Irish services, with a choice of delivery options. We’re seeing a steady growth in demand for these services as people enjoy the levels of service and reliability they’ve come to expect from APC Overnight.

Urgent Next Day Deliveries By Air

Urgent parcels and packages can be delivered to your customers as early as 9am in Belfast City Centre, before 10 am in other BT postcodes and by 12 in Dublin City areas 1-24. Our by-air service is designed for smaller packages – for example our 1kg APC MailPacks and 5kg APC CourierPacks – although urgent parcels weighing up to 30kg can be carried.

Save Up To 45% On Less Time Sensitive Packages By Road

For larger, bulkier or less time-sensitive consignments, we can offer you our road service – generally a 3-day delivery schedule to most destinations in both NI or Eire – at savings of up to 45% on the priority air services. Companies particularly appreciate this option for regular, predictable consignments such as stock replenishment where deliveries run to a set schedule, though it is of course convenient for anyone sending larger or heavier parcels, whether multi-part consignments or one-offs.

Our services to Ireland are run though dedicated APC Overnight depots, based in Belfast and Dublin, so the high standards of service are exactly the same as you enjoy anywhere in our network. Contact your local APC depot for full details and a quote.

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DELIVERY TO SCOTLAND…with the benefit of our dedicated Scottish hub

Enjoy all the advantages of APC Overnight’s reliable nationwide delivery service, with the added benefits of a Scotland-based hub for inter-Scottish consignments.

APC Overnight’s dedicated Scottish Sortation Hub in Bellshill means that inter-Scottish consignments stay north of the border, offering significant benefits for our Scottish customers:

  • Freight doesn’t need to be trunked to our central UK hub, saving time and money
  • Reduced carbon footprint through shorter journey times
  • Tighter control and management of shipments
  • Earlier delivery times for many Scottish destinations – additional areas included in our Premium services
  • Later cut-off times for collection for many Scottish customers
  • Parcel sortation operation is managed in Scotland with a local workforce

Contact your local depot for more information and quotes. To find your local depot, just fill in your location under the ‘New Customers’ heading in the sidebar.

Where we deliver

APC Overnight delivers nationwide. We offer you a convenient choice of services suitable for the most urgent to less time-sensitive deliveries. Just roll over the map to see the services available to each region.

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Franch Express Network Courier Reviews

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French Express useless service

Frenc express useless people , dont know why they are doing this business . even after so many calls they are not ready to respond properly. useless fellows and waste guys.

It is not courier, it is SNAIL service

How many hours it takes to travel from Guruvayur, Kerala to Bangaluru? Even by walk it may take 5 days.

I send a packet from Guruvayur to Bangalurur on 24th November 2012 and it has not reached destination even on 29th November. When it will be delivered God only knows as the company is sea

Service run by illiterate unprofessional kings

It is one most of the most pathetic service, I think the service is run by donkeys and cows.After 4 days, they realized that they do not have the address entered in their database, and they haven’t even cleared it yet. After several frantic calls to all the hub office and the customer care, they …

Better close this service

Worst worst worst worst service , Thier website also blocked by google and customer service is too bad…. please guys dont try this courier ever. I totally disappointed

Reviews from mouthshut

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