Re-use NYK-containers via APCS platform

NYK Benelux uses the Avantida ‘container re-use module’.

By making use of this community solution (APCS) NYK Benelux improves the interaction with the transport companies for the re-use of containers.

Through a simple web application a transport company can apply to re-use a container for an export booking after the container was discharged by that shipping company.

This way, a lot of ’empty’ kilometers are avoided from and to empty container depots. The administration runs uniformly across all shipping companies.

Shipping companies MSC, Turkon Line and OOCL already started with this solution. Later this month Yangming, Hamburg Süd and Hapag-Lloyd Benelux will also follow.

Note: We provide a third part NYK Line Tracking system, hope this service can help you track your container.