DACHSER Cargoplus has 116 GPS trailers shuttling between Tunisia and Germany to ensure on-the-dot delivery of auto parts. When you serve the demanding auto industry, there are two things that really count: perfectly orchestrating logistics and calmly solving problems.

Auto production involves mass production, it’s true, but it is nevertheless based on tremen-dous individuality. Cable harnesses, for example, are essentially one-of-a-kind because they are intended for the specific vehicle that reflects a customer’s choice of electronics. The har-nesses have to arrive at the plant exactly on time, after traveling from their assembly facility in Tunisia across the Mediterranean and through Europe. Sometimes there are just a few hours available to avoid production losses and contract penalties.

To do it right, DACHSER has fitted the trailers with GPS systems. That way, customers al-ways know which truck and which pallet currently has what they are waiting for. The parts to be assembled generally come from Germany and are driven to processing plants in Tunisia. From there on, Cargoplus takes over the completed components and delivers them to ware-houses upstream from the auto production facilities. And from there, they go directly to the production lines. On average, 80 trailers travel between Germany and Tunisia every week, while 36 trailers are on their way or being loaded/unloaded: the harness circulation functions perfectly, steered by the DACHSER Cargoplus team.

Everything under control – and emergency plans always available

The schedules in the plants are extremely rigid – no automaker will accept uncertainties during transport. DACHSER Cargoplus therefore has to make sure that any obstacles to international traffic can be sailed around. And there are plenty of such obstacles to worry about: In the ferry connection to Genoa, for example, a partner relationship exists with the government-owned Tunisian ferry company. Overbooked ships, especially during the holiday season, are the rule. A particular shipment may have a firm booking but what about when extra trailers for extra orders are supposed to make the voyage too? On top of that, while loading and unloading in the harbors, technical damage to the trailers may occur and require quick repairs, even on weekends.

DACHSER Cargoplus has to keep these uncertainties under control and always be able to devise solutions in a hurry. Emergency plans for use in case of disruptions are right at hand. When things get really rough, as they did during the political revolution in Tunisia, Cargoplus simply switches over and uses air freight. Customers can rely on DACHSER no matter what, so that ultimately, every cable harness finds its intended automobile.