Data Solutions: exp.o Analytics


At Expeditors, attention to detail sets us apart from our competition. We focus on moving each shipment, booking each order, and clearing each customs entry to complete satisfaction because we know that each one matters that much to our customers. But we also recognize the value of examining performance over time on a larger scale. So we created exp.o Analytics, a suite of dashboard-based reports that display different facets of our customers’ supply chains with historical trending. And while exp.o Analytics is a powerful tool for macro analysis, it is still possible to drill down to the details of an individual shipment, order, or entry.

Exp.o Analytics is an exp.o application, like Visibility and Reporting. It was first deployed in 2011 featuring eight dashboards. Like exp.o Visibility, it is a value-added service for our customers that utilizes data from the Expeditors network. Since the original deployment, we have listened to your feedback and expanded the number of dashboards and information available on Analytics. There are currently twenty dashboards that you receive access to when Analytics is activated for your exp.o account. These dashboards provide information that helps you measure supply chain performance in different areas.
Here are a few examples:

Transit Time Breakdown:

This dashboard allows for easy analysis of air, ocean, and trucking transit times. The Transit Time Breakdown gives a histogram-based summary of transit times for any product and lane over a given time period. It can be used to view the transit as a whole from receipt to delivery or broken down into specific legs. It also provides shipment counts, overall averages and standard deviations, and the ability to drill down to specific shipments. This tool is a great asset for any supply chain planner that wants to factor transit time consistency into their planning.

Compliance Improvement Analysis:

The Compliance Improvement Analysis dashboard features all of your 7501 U.S. Entry Summary information in one place. This includes all HTS numbers, countries of origin and export, and duty and entered value information for the current year as well as the two previous. This dashboard can help to confirm that imports are correctly classified and denoted with the correct country of origin. It can be used to double-check records, and to view trends in duty and entered value based on sourcing over time.

Supplier Scorecard:

For Order Management customers, the Supplier Scorecard measures supplier performance over six key categories. The scorecard shows trending over time and can be adjusted for different time periods. It can be used as an aggregate for all suppliers, or one specific supplier, or all suppliers by a selected origin and/or destination. It is also easily printable to send to a supplier for a performance review or update. This dashboard is an effective way to determine base performance metrics with suppliers that can then be used to benefit the whole supply chain.

All three of the above dashboards are now standard within exp.o Analytics, but started as customized solutions requested by specific customers. We welcome your feedback and the chance to create a customized dashboard that suits your business needs. If exp.o Analytics piques your interest and you do not already have access to the application, please contact your local Expeditors representative today.