Statement: Aramex strongly refutes allegations of involvement in shipment of tear gas canisters to Egypt

Dubai, UAE; April 10th, 2013: Aramex, the global logistics and transportation solutions provider, today released an official statement saying it was not involved in the transportation or delivery of the shipment of teargas canisters from the United States of America to the Ministry of Interior in the Republic of Egypt, strongly refuting accusations published in the Egyptian media.
Aramex stated that the shipper in the United States arranged for the delivery of the prepaid shipment of five containers directly with US – based AIT Worldwide Logistics, one of the many agents Aramex works with in the US.  Aramex’s involvement in Egypt was limited to the delivery of shipment documents only from the shipping company to the Ministry of Interior. Senior management in Aramex Egypt was not aware of the contents of the shipment at any time.
Aramex Chief Executive Officer for Africa, Mr. Samer Gharaibeh, stated: “The recent media reports of our involvement in the shipment of tear gas canisters from the US to Egypt are inaccurate and we strongly refute these allegations. This news has considerably distressed many Egyptians and we want to assure them that we were not responsible for delivering this shipment, as this does not fit in with the Aramex culture or its values.”