Aramex launches its new route from China to Europe

Aramex has launched a new Sea-Air route from China into Europe. The new service is a faster and a more cost-effective delivery solution for shipments between Asia and Europe.

Aramex will utilise Vancouver as a new transit hub thereby avoiding congestion in other cities. The company has also secured available ocean capacity from China as well as guaranteed airfreight slots from Canada into the UK, the Netherlands and France. The Sea-Air service takes just 18 days, is appropriate for all products, and can meet increased demand while at the same time maintaining the balance between cost and time.

“In a constant drive to deliver the best value for our customers, we are aiming to provide a faster, more economical service for clients who require pre-Christmas delivery but are currently experiencing service delays through traditional routings,” said Jim Armour, UK Managing Director at Aramex.

“By working closely together to design this truly quality service, our teams in Canada, the UK, France and the Netherlands have created a new routing which will enable customers to receive their goods and meet their supply chain demands. Customers currently struggling to ship their freight out of China can rely on us to deliver an efficient solution,” he added.