Central Freight Lines Company Profile

Central Freight Lines has a rich history of providing transportation to emerging businesses and Fortune 500 industry leaders since 1925. In 2011 Central’s founder, Mr. W. W. Callan, was inducted into the Transportation Hall of Honor by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University. His selection was based on his leadership contribution to the Texas transportation system, which is recognized as one of the finest multimodal transportation systems in the world.

Central Freight Lines has sustainability, financial strength and an infrastructure designed to intelligently support the logistical needs of North America’s largest manufacturing, retail and distribution enterprises.

Central Freight Lines has made a significant investment in technology by instituting a state-of-the-art Digital Dispatch Management System. Our dispatchers are equipped with the most powerful and dynamic computer dispatch application available to the LTL environment. This system provides real-time information to our customers along with an automatically generated e-mail notification of both pickup and delivery. With our improved efficiencies we can continue to provide value to our customers and a solid, competitive product for years to come.

Central continues to look for growth opportunities without losing our focus of consistent, reliable service to our core area. Our CFL Network provides 49 state coverage through one of the most respected partnerships in the industry. Our network supports warehousing, inventory control and distribution capabilities for those corporations looking to outsource their supply chain needs.

Central’s 98.2% on-time service product allows our customers to confidently ship with us. When time is of the essence, Central’s Time Definite Services include both guaranteed and expedited options via First Ground and Priority One. Guarantee your shipment delivery by Noon or 5:00 PM.

Central’s claim ratio is well below the national average and one of the best in the industry. Our low claim ratio is a direct result of our commitment to continuous employee training in best practices in all phases of their jobs.

Central’s investment in new CNG Tractors is based on our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and being an environmentally responsible member of the community. We have partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency in supporting their SmartWay Transport Partnership in their initiative to consider the environment in everything we do.

Central Freight Lines was judged to have the most complete and effective fleet safety programs among all Texas Motor Carriers and was presented the 2011 P & D Fleet Safety Award by the Texas Motor Transportation Association. Nationwide, the American Trucking Association presented Central Freight’s LTL, General Commodities Division with the 2nd Place Truck Safety Award.

Central Freight is home to the 2011/2012 Captain of America’s Road Team as selected by the American Transportation Association and the TMTA’s 2012 Texas Driver of the Year; Ron Fuller

Inbound Logistics editors have recognized Central Freight Lines as a 2011 Top 100 Motor Freight Carrier based on Central’s efforts to continue to help shippers gain a competitive edge through innovative solutions, cost-saving strategies and true partnerships.