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About OCS

Since 1957, OCS has brought the world of business closer to you, through an efficient, multi-service international shipping network. Hundreds of strategically positioned overseas stations guide your shipments quickly and safely to any foreign destination. Read more...

OCS Contact Information

In the United States:

Corporate Office
& West Regional Hub
OCS America Inc.
11100 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Tel. 310-417-0650

East Regional Hub
OCS America Inc.
49-27 31st St.
Long Island City NY 11101
Tel 718-784-6080

Customer Support
(718) 784-6080 info@ocsworld.com

Website: www.ocsworld.com

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ExpressTracking provides an all-in-one express tracking service. Tracking Express with your tracking number.

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