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Southeastern Freight Lines Opens New Service Center in Lubbock

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Additional Capacity Enhances Service throughout Northeastern Texas

LEXINGTON, S.C. (May 11, 2015) Southeastern Freight Lines, the leading provider of regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services, today announced the opening of a new service center in Lubbock, Texas.

The new facility, located at 5701 Elm Avenue in Lubbock, features 37 dock doors.

To oversee daily operations of the new service center, Southeastern has promoted Kelly Brackeen to service center manager in Lubbock. Brackeen has 14 years of experience in warehousing and transportation, most recently serving as assistant service center manager in Southeastern’s facility in Tyler.

“By expanding our presence with this service center in Lubbock, we will be better positioned to increase Southeastern’s quality of service throughout northeastern Texas,” said Brackeen. “Southeastern Freight Lines has served local markets in Texas with best-in-class performance for several years and we look forward to continuing that same level of quality service in the Lubbock.”

The opening of Lubbock places Southeastern closer to its customer base, which will allow for earlier deliveries, pick-ups and over all better service.

“We are excited to officially begin operations in the new Lubbock service center, helping to better serve our customers in the region,” said David Turner, regional vice president of operations, Southeastern Freight Lines.

The new service center will open and begin operations on May 11.

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Southeastern receives Lowe’s top carrier award for the 8th straight year

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LEXINGTON, S.C. (Mar. 19, 2015) – Southeastern Freight Lines, the leading provider of regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services, has been named Lowe’s LTL Carrier of the Year for 2014. In addition, Southeastern also received Lowe’s Platinum Service Award for 2014, which is the highest award designation possible for the home improvement retailer.

This is the eighth year in a row that Southeastern has earned the prestigious Platinum distinction by exceeding all four service goals set by Lowe’s.

Lowe’s measures carriers each week on meeting four primary objectives including on-time and claim-free deliveries – two of Southeastern’s primary operational objectives. Consistently exceeding all four standards earns the Platinum level recognition.

A continuous quality improvement process is the bedrock of Southeastern’s leadership in the industry. Through this framework, Southeastern measures every aspect of its business and strives to satisfy every customer completely, becoming more efficient in the process. Southeastern monitors data through the process every day to recognize any trends that fall outside of the goals, working with customers and the entire supply chain to address issues before they become problems.

“We appreciate this honor from Lowe’s and value the outstanding relationship we have developed over the years,” said Braxton Vick, senior vice president of corporate planning and development at Southeastern Freight Lines. “We absolutely welcome and thrive on being measured by our customers. Exceeding Lowe’s standards for eight straight years is a testament to the commitment our employees have in the quality improvement process.”

All customers benefit from Southeastern’s industry-leading performance, including 99.4 percent of next-day shipments delivered on time, 99.9 percent of shipments handled free of shortage or damage, and a 99.4 percent invoice accuracy measure.

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Southeastern Freight Lines Expands Services Across Kentucky

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Expansion Provides Quality Without Question Transportation Services throughout the Sun Belt

LEXINGTON, S.C. (Feb. 09, 2015) Southeastern Freight Lines, the leading provider of regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services, today announced it is expanding its business across the Sun Belt region, opening four new service centers in Kentucky in response to a growing customer service need.

Strategically positioned across the state, Southeastern’s new service centers in Lexington, Louisville and Bowling Green, Kentucky, as well as Cincinnati, Ohio, will provide quality transportation services with streamlined efficiencies for customer shipments throughout the Kentucky and Cincinnati areas. The new service centers will maximize delivery performance and minimize travel time between service centers and Southeastern customers.

“Expanding into Kentucky is a natural extension of Southeastern’s footprint. After just recently celebrating 2014 revenue of $1 billion, the expansion comes at a natural time of growth for the company,” said Mike Heaton, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Southeastern Freight Lines. “Having served in local markets across the Sun Belt with best-in-class performance for many years, we look forward to expanding the quality customer service we’re known for throughout the region by meeting customers’ needs in Kentucky.”

The new locations are as follows:

  • 1025 Goodwin Drive in Lexington, KY, featuring 24 dock doors
  • 2220 S. 7th Street Louisville, KY, featuring 48 dock doors
  • 2570 Russellville Road in Bowling Green, KY, featuring 22 dock doors
  • 5770 Este Avenue in Cincinnati, OH, featuring 40 dock doors

The new facilities will employ more than 40 associates, from service center managers to pick-up and delivery drivers. They are scheduled to open and begin operations on March 2.

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Southeastern Freight Lines proud to be among corporate partners with volunteer staff and financial support

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Resurrections is a helping hands ministry that hosts a lunch every Saturday in downtown Columbia, offering a hot meal and welcoming environment to those in need. Southeastern Freight Lines, a regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services provider headquartered in nearby Lexington, will partner throughout the year to feed Columbia’s homeless and hungry.

Resurrections, a non-profit organization, is supported entirely through donations and volunteer staff and hosts the weekly Saturday lunches at the Kelly Suggs Law Center in downtown Columbia. Without Resurrections and the donations of time, money and food from the Columbia community and companies like Southeastern, the homeless in downtown Columbia would have no consistent place to eat on Saturday.

“Our lunches are truly an effort of the community to help the community,” said Larry Nichols, director at Resurrections. “The efforts of Southeastern have been a true blessing to Resurrections and those we serve. Southeastern’s culture of community service and commitment by employees to the communities they serve is something they live in both word and action, and to see this company spirit flourish at our Saturday lunches has been truly remarkable and rare.”

Resurrections provides a full meal with hot dogs, fruit, chips, cookies, drinks and other food that is often homemade by volunteers, every Saturday, rain or shine, even on holidays. “Those we serve often tell us that if we were not there, they would not eat,” added Nichols.

“Southeastern is humbled to support the Columbia local community by partnering with this generous organization,” said Mike Heaton, a senior vice president at Southeastern Freight Lines. “Resurrections is a natural fit with the service culture we strive for at Southeastern in everything we do, and the Resurrections mission is the perfect opportunity for us to give back for the many blessings we have as individuals and as a company. We encourage other area businesses to learn more about the Resurrections ministry and opportunities for support.”

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About Resurrections
Resurrections serves hot dogs on Saturdays to Columbia’s homeless and hungry when traditional soup kitchens are closed. Each Saturday, Resurrections serves between 125 and 250 meals. Resurrections accepts donations of time, money or food from the community to make these lunches possible. One hundred percent of funds go directly to support this community effort with no paid volunteers.