About i-parcel

i-parcel was founded in 2005 on the business premise of using a combination of cutting edge technology and consumer focused logistics to allow internet retailers to present their goods to international shoppers in the most customer friendly and low cost way possible.

i-parcel’s founders came from the asset light logistics business and recognized the need in the market for internet retailers to be able to provide a shopping experience to their international online shoppers; where the need for localization and low cost logistics were key factors.

Our customer experience technology is called the i-parcel Cloud and it’s unique in its ability to transform a retailer’s website by simply adding a few lines of code. A welcome mat including local language, price conversion to local currency, various international payment methods, payment collection in local currency, shipping costs, duties and taxes displayed at checkout are only some of the features of our technology.

In addition to our technology, i-parcel is at its core an international logistics company specializing in international air express deliveries to consumers. We operate the largest asset light based international delivery network geared strictly to consumer deliveries. We are an IATA licensed freight forwarder and our founders have each been involved in the international logistics business for over 20 years. Our logistics network has been built specifically to facilitate ecommerce traffic, affording the lowest cost, fully trackable air express service in the business.

Mission Statement

i-parcel’s mission is to provide online merchants with indispensable value in attracting and serving cross border shoppers and exponentially growing sales, while offering minimal disruption to existing merchant operations and IT infrastructures.

Our Core Values

Team – We will foster and nurture a corporate culture where each employee is considered an important and unique ingredient in a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Creativity – We will encourage any employee at any level to contribute to our company’s growth and evolution in meaningful ways.

Customer – We exist as a company because of each and all of our customers. Customers are merchants and customers are shoppers. We will treat all customers with the highest amount of gratitude.

Dignity – We will always be aware that our employees are our single greatest assets. All employees will be treated with respect and dignity.

Enjoyment – We will to strive to make work a fun part of our employees’ lives.

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