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Spee-Dee Delivery Rugby, ND

Courier Name: Spee-Dee Delivery Rugby, ND
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Like many successful businesses, Spee-Dee started small—very small. Spee-Dee was founded in 1978 by Donald Weeres, an ambitious 35-year-old farm boy from Richmond, Minnesota. Spee-Dee began as an on-call courier service with Donald using his pickup truck to deliver packages to local businesses. His vision was to build an alternative overnight delivery service that offered customers better services at a lower price than the competition. The philosophy of delivering better overnight service at a lower price still stands at Spee-Dee 40 years later. It has gotten us to where we are today. Since our humble beginnings, we have grown into a company of 1,800 employees strong, and we now operate over 1,500 pieces of equipment to deliver your important packages daily.

Phone: 320-251-6697
Fax: 320-251-1846
Address: 111 2nd St SE
Rugby, ND 58368

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