Antron Express Technology

Antron Express has rapidly developed since firstly establish in Hong Kong in 1993, we serve our customers with high-technology to meet their requirements on time and provide the latest information.

With our web base trace and track system that you could find out where is your shipment. In order to provide the fastest and reliable service, we continually improve our service in different ways. First, we have a large time of well-experienced customer service in order to answer enquiries or question from our customers. Second, we have launched an advanced web-ordering method. The new order method is easy and simply used. By using this method will definitely help to save our customer’s time. Furthermore, it will definitely avoid further mistakes by unidentified hand writing and unconfirmed orders. Third, we keep upgrade our web tracking parcel service, in order to let our customer to be comfortable only type in the tacking number and allocate the parcel immediately. Anton Express has the best people with the best technology that will definitely provide the best service for the company.

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