What Beaver Express Do For You

Designed to fit your needs!

We provide daily service to all points, regardless of the volume.

Our on-time, dependable delivery is important for perishable, seasonal, dated and medical items.

Free automatic pick-up service at your request.

We handle prepaid, collect and C.O.D. shipments, and provide prompt remittance on all C.O.D. shipments.

We deliver on Saturday mornings, in most locations, at no additional cost.

There are no size or weight restrictions.

We utilize a simple small package express rating system,

based on the shipment weight not a per piece charge like many parcel carriers apply.

By shipping several cartons, you’ll save money!

We also offer competitive LTL motor freight rates on larger shipments.

In some traffic lanes, discounts may be available.

Contact our Sales and Pricing Department for details.

Our system of local service centers and independent contractors provides

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